The Meaning of Element

Element Logo

The Element Volleyball Club is based on the five elements of the Earth: Fire, Wind, Nature, Water and Soil. All of these elements work together to create the basis and foundation for the earth.

earth_white copywind_white copywater_white copyfire_white copyforest_white copyU13-U17 teams will be named after one of the five elements, with the U18 being named Earth. Earth is nothing without the five elements. The club is named Element, in the promotion of cohesion. For the earth to function, it will need all of its elements working cohesively. This same philosophy will apply to the club. In order for one team to be working successfully, we must all be. Older age groups will act as mentors and leaders to the younger age groups. Coaches will foster all Element athletes and work cooperatively with all parents. Parents will encourage all athletes and coaches.

We are a community working as one, to achieve greatness. We are all elements of the club.