At Element, we play with strength, we play together and we play smart.


What does strength mean?

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Element Players show strength not just through physical capabilities, but also through  mental capacity. They show physical strength by demonstrating speed, agility and athleticism. They show mental strength through their ability to think critically in game and practice situations.

Element Parents show strength through support for all the players, coaches and other parents on each team, and within the club.

Element Coach’s show strength in their ability to lead by example, demonstrating proper ethics and skills in games and practices.

What does together mean?

“If one suffers we all suffer. Togetherness is strength. Courage.”

– Jean-Bertrand Aristide

An Element Athlete will be expected to play as part of a cohesive unit, on and off the court. Players will support both team mates and other Element athletes. All players that are part of the Element Volleyball Club are part of the same team.

Our Element Parents show togetherness through participation within an individual team, and the club. Element parents help all of our athletes and coaches by supporting them all.

Element Coaches show togetherness by promoting team cohesiveness and unity among their individual teams, as well as working cooperatively with fellow Element coaches.    

What does smart mean?

“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”

-Albert Einstein

An Element Player plays smart, by using their critical thinking skills in both game and practice situations. They ask questions, use analytical skills and understand that success will take more than hitting hard.

Element Parents use smarts in understanding the team dynamics. They allow the coaches to coach and assume a supporting role within the club, and for the players and athletes.

An Element Coach show’s smarts through knowledge of the game, and their athletes. They commit to formulating new strategies, practice plans and ideas, to help further the teams, the club and the athletes.

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