Our Team

The Element Volleyball Club is founded on the principles of passion, commitment and progressiveness, for the development and promotion of boys volleyball in our communities. Element embraces the philosophy of developing athletes from the bottom up, encouraging them to grow their skill and passion for volleyball from an early age.

It is our belief that in the end, the most successful teams and clubs are those that develop fundamental skills needed at each level of competition. We believe that togetherness, community and cohesion within the clubs parents, athletes, coaches and staff, equivocates success. We know that success can only be achieved if we stick together and want to win for one another, because individually we may be great, but together we are much greater.

We promote, and demand, good sportsmanship, respect, inclusion and discipline, because we are not just moulding young athletes, but young men. Sport is just as much about teaching and learning fundamental life lessons, as it is about competition and winning. We must always remember that the way we win matters.

Element is a volleyball club for a new progressive generation. We hope that you will join us on our journey.

Element Executive:

Zack Lund

Co-Founder, Director

Leanne Chow

Co-Founder, Director

Parker Lund